SinoFuelCell provides comprehensive services including stack performance test,automotive system test,environmental reliability test and material test etc.
Vehicle fuel cell test Proton test Exchange test Electrocatalytic test Membrane test Bipolar plate test Stack test Stack test
Routine testing Boot test Rated power characteristic tes... 30% load rate Output voltage range test Peak power characteristic test... Dynamic response test
Permeability test Swell rate test Water absorption test Tensile properties test Thickness uniformity test Proton conductivity test Ion exchange equivalent test
Resistance test Permeability test Roughness measurement Porosity test Surface density test Apparent density test Mechanical strength test Thickness uniformity test
Platinum content test Bulk density test Crystal structure test Morphology and particle size d... Electrochemical active area te... Single cell polarization curve... Specific surface, pore volume,...
Platinum load test Density uniformity test Adaptability test Hydrogen current density test Single cell polarization curve... Electrochemical active area te... Active polarization overpotent...
Material density test Material resistance test Component weight test Component flatness test Component resistance drop test... Material bending strength test... Material gas compactness test Component area utilization tes... Component thickness uniform te...
String test Air tightness test Pressure difference test Gas leak test Dielectric strength test Normal operation test Electrical overload test Cooling system pressure test Allow working pressure test Thaw / freeze test Flammable gas concentration te...
Start the test Running test Shutdown test String test Air tightness test Pressure difference test Low temperature start test Low temperature storage test Power generation performance t... Allow work test Cooling system pressure test